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I  have seen how well my students work with procedures when I might shy away in class from worrying that they won't follow them correctly. Now I do less hand-holding.

Kayla Murray

MS Science Teacher
IS 217

I've learned a LOT through OmniLearn and how I teach science labs.

Labs are labor and material intensive. Procuring, organizing, and preparing all the materials for the number of labs we need to do can be overwhelming and costly, especially when a teacher is in the first few years of teaching. OmniLearn gives our school access that we would just never have had without them, and takes the burden off of teachers.

Brent Lockhart

Living Environment Teacher

Bronxdale High School

Having OL to supplement lab experiences, bring in all the materials, and lead the labs is an enormous help to teachers.



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Reach out to learn how OmniLearn can bring amazing, exciting programming to your classrooms and lifelong impacts to students, teachers, and the community.

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Hear from students, teachers, and administrators who have experienced the Magic of OmniLearn

Our students have improved their interpersonal skills by collaborating in groups and respectfully disagreeing with one another's hypothesis. We've seen noticeable increases in student engagement from these labs as well.

Jeremy Ramos

Chemistry Teacher

Frederick Douglass Academy III

OmniLearn has provided the necessary, hands on learning experience that prepares high school scholars for science labs in college and beyond.

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