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Bring the magic of OmniLearn to your school with our affordable and fun kits! Available for all grade levels. 

OmniLab Kits are planned, sorted, and ready to use out of the box! Coming Soon!


& Reusable

Environmental impact is extremely important to OmniLearn. We do our very best to use sustainable materials (including bamboo & plant-based) in ALL of our kits, to reduce landfill waste.

Guides Included

You'll get digital and physical instructor guides and student worksheets for a clear and easy-to-follow experience.

Full Support

Our scientists will be available, personally, to offer any help and support you need with preparing or running the labs. 

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Does your student have a science question? Or do you?

Wondering how clouds work? Or maybe how dolphins communicate with each other?

Type in your question and a REAL OmniLearn scientist will answer it for you!

Amelia Ahnert, OmniLearn Scientist

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