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Our Programs

We offer a variety of dynamic and flexible programs, providing schools with tons of great options to bring the Magic of Omnilearn to their classrooms.

In-Person Labs

Our signature experience! We bring scientists, materials, and engaging labs to the classroom. Adapted to every grade, curriculum, and classroom.

Lead Community Based Organization (CBO)

With an amazing array of topics and groundbreaking partner vendors, we provide great programs from dance to robotics to STEM and more!

Professional Development Workshops

We can create engaging workshops to help teachers boost their confidence and methods in science instruction.

Bubble Lab

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Reach out to learn how OmniLearn can bring amazing, exciting programming to your classrooms and lifelong impacts to students, teachers, and the community.

Meet With Our Team

Get Our LabKits!

Our scientist-developed labs are available to buy as kits for your classroom! All materials and protocols included, plus direct customer support.

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