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Science Begins With Curiosity

Engaging in-person programs for pre-K to 12th Grade, electrifying classrooms across New York

We create inspiring & exciting classrooms for students AND teachers

We bring the magic of science to classrooms across New York. Our scientists work directly with students and teachers to create a thrilling and fun environment.

In-Class Labs, led by REAL scientists

Empowering Teachers

We support teachers in developing our methods to ignite curiosity in their students.



We integrate directly with your lesson plans, tailoring and recommending content relevant to your topics.

Classrooms should be a place of discovery.

OmniLearn was founded on the belief that children are natural scientists. Our programs and pedagogical approach are designed to nurture innate curiosity, and empower learners to investigate independently. 

My students would have an incomplete rigorous science curriculum without OmniLearn laboratories.

Gerson Garcia

High School of World Cultures

OmniLearn is a vital part of my science instruction.

It all starts with science.

Research has shown that math and reading skills can be dramatically improved with a strong science foundation. For schools looking to prioritize those skills, an OmniLearn program can have a major impact!

Looking to improve oral & written skills? Think science!

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Reach out to learn how OmniLearn can bring amazing, exciting programming to your classrooms and lifelong impacts to students, teachers, and the community.

Meet With Our Team

Shereen Hamdy, OmniLearn Scientist

Does your student have a science question? Or do you?

Wondering how clouds work? Or maybe how dolphins communicate with each other?

Type in your question and a REAL OmniLearn scientist will answer it for you!

Thank you! An OmniLearn Scientist will reply to your message soon.

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